Patricia Viel is the driving force of the practice. Her exceptional insight, leadership and sensibility bring her to the forefront of the fast-paced architectural environment. Working closely with the team, Patricia Viel evokes emotion and perspective with each project, and translates it into extraordinary narrative and durable design solutions.


With work in every significant museum’s contemporary design collection, Antonio Citterio is a knowledge broker for innovation in design and architecture. His humble demeanor and environmental sensitivity put form at the service of function, elevating both.


A multifaceted professional with dozens of projects under his belt, Marco loves attacking challenges with an eye towards innovation and a human touch. He takes the enthusiasm for dismantling and reassembling all kinds of objects from his youth to simplify the complexity he encounters in his work. Marco started with ACPV in 2000 and became a Partner in 2017.


Sensitive to details at all scales, Sara seeks balance between beauty and function in urban landscapes, architecture and beyond. As an art, music and nature lover, she regards durability, innovations and emotions as essential values of her practice. Partner at ACPV from 2012, she joined the company in 2001, leading a wide range of projects.


Francesca combines culture and traditions of living while constantly striving for innovations within her architecture. She regards Interiors as the back-drop to modern living; approaching her work with attention and grace. Francesca joined ACPV in 2000; becoming a Partner in 2017.


Following a method marked by his relentless curiosity, Paolo is driven by knowledge, studying and understanding the secrets of things down to the atomic level, from a global point of view to the very detail. His respect for tradition and fascination with the future guide his work in every respect. After joining ACPV in 2000, Paolo became a Partner in 2017.


With numerous prizes since joining ACPV in 2004, Claudio started his adult life as a painter – a background that informs his vigorous aesthetic program. He goes beyond fashions and simple descriptions of the zeitgeist, and strives for an architecture that welcomes the actions of human beings and enriches their thoughts and primeval feelings. He became a Partner in 2012.


An accomplished musician as a child, Florian can draw the details out of complex situations, and generate harmony among the many actors involved in a large project. Florian appreciates large-context projects but cautions against forgetting the simple needs-based structures of history. He joined ACPV in 2005 and became a partner in 2012.


Working on projects in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Chung-yi takes the study and definition of interior spaces and architecture as a guide for improving the quality and use of every environment that surrounds us; residential and service spaces, hospitality and retail. A Partner from 2017, she has been part of ACPV since 2007.


Joseph joined ACPV in 2005 and became partner in 2012. Between 2015 and 2019 he led the US office of ACPV in New York. In addition to his experience with ACPV in Milan and New York, he has extensive international experience on a wide range of project types gained in high profile studios in Australia, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. His inclusive, open-minded approach is informed by his understanding of real-world constraints. He is a registered architect in Italy, the United Kingdom and New York State.