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Continuous research, respect for tradition and an orientation towards the future are the founding values of ACPV’s projects that leave their unique mark with a reflection on the relationship between humans and the environment they live in. 


With emblematic architecture and interior design, the building features a courtyard system with a presentation area on the ground floor, conceived as a theater.  Partly glazed and treated with reflective material, the facade consists of inclined shapes as a nod to the surrounding industrial scenery, reproducing the profile of a former shed roofing.


The architecture and the interior design for the 150,000 sqm Technogym Village encompass a research and innovation laboratory, production facilities and a wellness center, set in a park. The curved roofs and continuous facade of the buildings overlook a large green space and blend the architecture with the surrounding areas with running tracks, a basketball court and a pond. 


Refinement and lightness expressed by the elegant white marble facade and by the restoration of a 18th-century part of the façade permeate the interior design and the architecture of the iconic Bulgari Hotel, a true urban oasis beloved by the Milanese and city visitors alike. Attentive design has been applied to every single detail: from facade to door handles, from each piece of furniture to desk accessories, from architecture to glasses.